Great Moravia Memorial

Great Moravia Memorial

The building was built on the foundations of first discovered building from the great Moravian, the church "Na Valách.” It was uncovered during an excavation of the Moravian municipal museum in 1949 by Vilém Hrubý in the middle of an extensive burial site.

Jezuitská 1885

Holý kopec - fortification

Hradisko from the bronze and iron age, remains of the walled fortification (up to 5m in height).

Na Díle - church remains

Remains of a smaller church with a rectangular nave and a right angle presbytery from the Great Moravian times (9th century), established under the influence of the of the missionary movements coming in from western Europe.

Osvětimany - archaeological dig

Excavations of Slavonic hill-fort from 9th to 10th century, with a ruin of St. Clement chapel.

Sady - church remains

The foundations of a great Moravian church from the 9th century, the possible site of the remains of Prince Svatopluk.

Špitálky - church remains

Uncovered foundations of Slavonic church with a burial ground. Place of important archaeological discoveries.

Staré Město - archaeological dig

Former important and large hill-fort settlement called Veligrad. >>From the discovery of burial ground it is judged that the settlement existed already in 5th century. Archaeological excavations uncovered also remains of craft-shops. Over uncovered foundations of a church stands a memorial.

Újezd - small fortification

The oldest village heritage sight, remains of a medieval castle from 1261.


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Skálí - natural heritage area

Skálí - natural heritage area

Geomorphological formation with mixed forest growth.