Bystřice pod Hostýnem - chateau

Bystřice pod Hostýnem - chateau

Chateau Bystřice pod Hostýnem is found in the centre of the town and is a unique example of the gradual modernization of estates. The most famous owners of the chateau were the Laudons, who owned the chateau for 106 years. The statue of the renowned leader Ernest Gideon Laudon still decorates the chateau today. In 1897 Emperor Franz Josef I lived in the chateau.

Pod Platany 2

Velký Lopeník in the White Carpathians - wooden lookout tower

Velký Lopeník in the White Carpathians - wooden lookout tower

The opening of the lookout tower at Velký Lopeník was a festive affair that took place in July 2006. It stands on the Czech-Slovak border and people from both sides of the border took part in its construction. The tower itself is made of wood and stands on a stone foundation. It is 22 metres tall. Newly-repaired educational trails from surrounding villages lead to it.

Monument to the victims of World War II

Monument to the victims of World War II

Monument on the peak of Helštýn according to the design of Josef Místecky and Jaroslav Hlaváč.

Na Ztracenci observation tower

Na Ztracenci observation tower

Wooden observation tower on the peak of the Ztracenec (1055 m above sea level) in the Javornik Mountains. There are information tables and rest areas here. If the weather is favourable, you can see Lysa Mountain, Radhošť, or even the peaks of the Mala Fatra.

Open-air gallery - educational trail with posted information

Open-air gallery - educational trail with posted information

The educational trail is 5 km long and leads directly along the Soláň mountain crest. The trail familiarises visitors with the life of highlanders who once used to live here. Its trail includes wooden statues made by Wallachian artists.

Virgin Mary Zašovská - place of pilgrimage

Virgin Mary Zašovská - place of pilgrimage

A pilgrimage site established by the Trinity Order, where quality drinking water springs from the ground. A legend is tied to the place about a wounded knight miraculously rescued by the Virgin Mary. A niche was built into the hillside above the source with a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes, which was later replaced by the statue of the Virgin Mary Zašovska. During the time of the pilgrimage,...

Juřiček's mill - monument and memorial hall

The monument reminds us of the tragical event, when the mill was raised to the ground by Fascists (3.4.1945) and the miller and his entire family were executed for helping the partisans.

Memorial to fallen and wounded soldiers in the Battle at Slavkov

The monument commemorates 1228 soldiers wounded and buried here. Soldiers who were wounded in the monumental battle at Slavkov in 1805, were treated in the military hospital here in Valašském Meziříčí.

Monument in the birthplace of Olomouc archbishop František Salesky Bauer

Monument as a reminder of the local native home of the significant local, Prince Archbishop of Olomouc František Salesky Bauer (1841 - 1915). Not far from this monument is a mill, in which the archbishop was born.

Statue of T. G. Masaryk

Statue in the park in front of the church with a monument to the victims of World War I.

Tomb of Marie von Ebner Eschenbach

Classicist building of the tomb for Count Dubsky. The Austrian writer Marie von Eschenbach is buried here (she was born in Zdislavice). She lived in Vienna. She wrote dramas, prose and narratives.

Vařák's clearings

The monument is in commemoration of burning down the logging settlements by the Gestapo (2.5.1945), the inhabitants of which were in support of the partisans.

Vsetín's small planet - stone statue

3D model of a planet, which was created according to the existing small planet Vsetin, discovered in 1998 by Czech astronomer Petr Pravec.


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Observation Tower on Lhotka - iron lookout tower

Observation Tower on Lhotka - iron lookout tower

The telecommunication tower over the village Hradčovice is 35 meters high. The roofed observation gallery...